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Sudanese students injured in campus brawl

File photo: Students at the University of Khartoum attempt to escape from tear gas at a demonstration
File photo: Students at the University of Khartoum attempt to escape from tear gas at a demonstration

Four students of the University of El Salam in Babanusa in West Kordofan were severely injured following clashes between student supporters of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and the opposition United Popular Front (UPF).

A student told Radio Dabanga that clashes broke out on Monday after an attack by NCP students on a discussion corner held by UPF students on the issue of the government’s use of chemical weapons in Darfur.

The attack caused serious injuries to two students who were transferred to El Obeyed hospital.

In a statement on Tuesday,the NCP described the incident as “confusion of the climate of national reconciliation in the country”.


On Tuesday the students of Omdurman Islamic University in Sudan’s second city staged a demonstration protesting against the frequent interruptions of water and power supply and the deterioration of the environment in the dormitories.

The police intervened and used tear gas to disperse the demonstration.

Student Nuruldin Abdullah told Radio Dabanga that they have raised several memoranda to the Student Support Fund and held several meetings with it to resolve the problem without finding any response to their demands, which resulted in the demonstration on Tuesday evening.

The police used tear gas to disperse the demonstration and detained one of the students.

El Fasher

The strike by medical students at El Fasher University in the capital of North Dafrfur has entered its 15th day. The students have given the university administration an ultimatum to cancel the study and registration fees by next Sunday.

One of the students told Radio Dabanga that the medical students decided to submit their resignations should the university administration not respond to their demands and resolve the problem.

The strike of medical students of El Fasher University began in protest against the increase of registration fees from SDG350 ($55) to SDG750 $118).

On Tuesday, the Judge of Khartoum North Criminal Court dismissed the charges against eight student activists who belong to the Sudanese Movement for Change.

The charges were brought by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), however the Court ordered the immediate release of the students after they denied involvement in riots or closing streets.

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