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Sudanese 'shot and killed' in Egypt

September 5 - 2017 HALAYEB
The Halayeb triangle, straddles the Egypt-Sudan border (
The Halayeb triangle, straddles the Egypt-Sudan border (

Four Sudanese nationals have been killed in Halayeb in Egypt by Egyptian forces on Monday.

Egyptian forces opened fire on four Sudanese people in Oseif on Monday morning, according to journalist Osman Hashim to Radio Dabanga. They were killed instantly. The incident took place in the Halayeb triangle, an area of disputed sovereignty between Egypt and Sudan.

Egyptian authorities also confiscated two vehicles at Gararawit on Monday morning. Hashim: “It is part of a plan of harrassment practiced by Egyptian authorities on the residents of Halayeb, especially after the visit of the Red Sea state governor to perform Eid El Adha prayers here on Friday.”

Further details of the shooting were not available at the time of writing this article.

Both countries claim sovereignty over the area following Sudanese independence in 1956. The dispute is a result of the discrepancy in the demarcation of a “political boundary” set in 1899 by the Anglo-Egyptian Condominium and an “administrative boundary” set by Britain in 1902.

Road accident

On Sunday, a lorry overturned on Tokar road in Red Sea state in northern Sudan, which resulted in the death of two passengers and injuring a number of others.

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