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Sudanese PM: Protests against living conditions are ‘legitimate’

February 4 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Sudan Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Moutaz Mousa (file photo)
Sudan Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Moutaz Mousa (file photo)

Prime Minister Motaz Mousa has described popular protests against living conditions as “legitimate” in a statement made at a forum held by El Sudani newspaper on Saturday.

Mousa said in his statement that “some of the demands of the protesters are legitimate and must be respected,” adding that there are problems which need to be solved.

He explained that the government does not look at these protests from the perspective of many or few, but that there is a voice which must be heard and respected. “Despite the presence of more political parties, there are legitimate demands that must be expressed. Despite accusations, they will find us with open hearts and wide chests,” he said.

The Prime Minster warned of “profound effects and catastrophic risks” of the protests, claiming that it is spreading hatred between the government and the people. 

Sudanese president position

The statement of the prime Minister came as a surprise to some political commentators, following statements made by Omar Al Bashir. 

The Sudanese president said during his visit to Egyptian President Abdelfattah El Sisi on January 28: “There is a problem, but not the size reflected by the media… there is an attempt to clone the Arab Spring in Sudan with the same attitudes and slogans, but the Sudanese people are conscious enough to thwart the opportunity for anyone who is trying to destabilise.”

Protests in the country calling for the step-down of Al Bashir and his regime have been ongoing for almost two months.


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