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Sudanese MPs call on economic team to resign

October 18 - 2016 KHARTOUM
The Sudanese Parliament (file photo)
The Sudanese Parliament (file photo)

Parliamentarians have called for the Sudanese Minister of Finance and his team to resign. They accuse 30 individuals and bodies of manipulating the US Dollar price.

The parliamentarians did not name the price manipulators and the method of manipulation the rate of the US Dollar in Sudan. In the parallel markets, it plunged to SDG16 last month. Soon after the Sudanese government agreed to a package of measures proposed by the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Sudan to curb the fast rise of the US Dollar.

They further pointed out that the salaries of state workers cannot cover more than 20 per cent of the necessary costs of daily living, while the monthly per capita consumption costs amount to SDG4,200 ($674).

Addressing the Sudanese parliament on Sunday, the chairman of the economic committee Ahmed Majzoub said that the government is the biggest importer of vehicles. He demanded the government to stop buying vehicles and real estate, along with the reduction of the diplomatic representation of Sudan in other countries. He argued that too many delegates travel abroad.

Last week Members of Parliament accused the recent Sudanese pilgrimage mission to Mecca of fraudulent practices in travel and accommodation costs.

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