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Sudanese gunmen attack West Kordofan oil field

April 21 - 2015 EL FULA
Heglig oil field (Drilling Info International)
Heglig oil field (Drilling Info International)

Gunmen attacked Dafra oil production field in West Kordofan on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of two, according to the police. It denied that the gunmen took over the field.

Elsir Ahmad Omar revealed the attack to the press. It took place in the camp of the Central Reserve Forces (popularly known as Abu Tira) in Dafra field, in the surroundings of Heglig oil field, situated on the border between Sudan and South Sudan.

The gunmen drove three vehicles at the time of the attack. One policeman in the camp was killed, and the police managed to kill one of the men. Two others, and one of the vehicles, were captured, according to spokesman Omar.

A group that calls itself the ‘Sudanese Popular Liberation Front’ has issued a statement in which they claim the attack on Saturday. They report to have killed 31 policemen, along with seizing 8 military vehicles, and damaging the oil field.

The target of the attack was to prevent the Khartoum regime of exploiting oil resources for its own interests, the statement of the front read.

Last year in April, a group called the ‘Popular Front of Sudan’ claimed the kidnapping of three foreign oil workers in Kanar oil field in West Kordofan for similar reasons.

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