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Sudanese expats face uncertain future in USA

August 9 - 2018 NEW YORK
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Members of the Sudanese diaspora in the USA with temporary protected status (TPS), which was granted to people of Sudanese origin in 1997 because of the conflict in Sudan, now face an uncertain future, as the TPS status for Sudanese has expired.

In a report published yesterday, Mazin Sidamed, co-founding editor of the New York-based Documented outlines how “the problem emerged as the deadline approached for the expiration of the TPS designation for Sudan on Nov. 2, 2017. The US government announced that it would no longer designate Sudan for TPS, and gave one additional year to allow for recipients to transition to a different status.”

Sidamed says that Sudan is among the smallest groups (there are 450 Sudanese TPS holders nationally), but it is the longest standing of the countries that had their status ended. Many Sudanese TPS holders have lived in the US for two decades and are now faced with the option of going back to a country they have no ties to.

Read the entire article here: Sudanese TPS Holders Struggle To Hold Jobs as Deadline Looms

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