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Sudanese Communist Party: ‘100+ political detainees still held’

February 23 - 2018 KHARTOUM
Mass protest in Omdurman in January (File photo)
Mass protest in Omdurman in January (File photo)

The Sudanese Communist Party (SCP) has said that the government is still holding more than 100 political detainees as hostages in the security forces detention facilities including members and leaders of the SCP, other political leaders and activists.

Those detained were arrested across Sudan during mass demosnstrations agains proce hikes last month. Yesterday Tarig Abdelmajid, a member of the Communist Party Central Committee, told Radio Dabanga that the number 100 is just an approximate inventory.

He explained that "There are large missing numbers of Sudanese according to the daily reports we receive from their families that they went missing after participating in the rallies last month".

He said that on Tuesday the security services at El Thorat town arrested three of the members of the Communist and Democratic forces, namely Awad Bashir, Salah Mohamed Eisa and Bashir Abdelkarim.

He expressed concern about the health, psychological and social situation of the detained Communist leaders, who represent only a small number of the political leaders and activists still held in the regime's prisons.

He said “We are not here to talk about the membership of our party and its leaders, but about all the political detainees whom we ask the regime to either release them or bring them to court if it can dare to do so.

Tarig Abdelmajid said "What is essential now is the hunger and poverty budget rather than the arrest of the leaders of the political forces".

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