Sudanese art gallery attacked

The art space after the attack (Medameek News)

KHARTOUM – January 20, 2023

The Jaloos Art Space in Khartoum was attacked by dozens of people armed with knives on Monday. Five people were injured, the gallery said in a statement yesterday morning.

El Mughira Abdelbagi, artist and founder of the gallery located south of the city centre, told Radio Dabanga that the attackers surrounded the place and stormed it.

They assaulted artist Mohamed Siddig, fracturing his right hand, whilst Mustafa Osman, another person present at the gallery, sustained a head wound. Three other people were wounded as well.

The attackers destroyed a number of paintings and furniture pieces and took four works of art and several musical instruments.

The stolen artworks belonged to Khalid Kajouli and Ashraf Abdelmonim.

Abdelbagi explained that the attackers have been arrested but have not revealed their motives for the attack.

The exterior of Jaloos Art Space in Khartoum II (social media)

The art space will definitely continue with the exhibition and all cultural activities, he said.

In a statement published yesterday, the gallery said that they “apologise for the delay of this statement, due to the horror of this crime that occurred, and out of concern for us to be accurate in the legal procedures that we have begun with the official authorities”.

“We apologise to all the neighbours for the intimidation and inconvenience caused by this group,” the statement read.