Sudan uprising: Youths take to the streets, doctors rally

Yesterday, dozens of youths carried out a vigil Khartoum North, demanding the overthrow of the regime.

Street marches in Omdurman (RD)

Yesterday, dozens of youths carried out a vigil Khartoum North, demanding the overthrow of the regime.

The demonstrators in Shambat district raised banners and slogans, calling for the regime to leave.

On Monday thousands of Sudanese people staged street protests in Omdurman against the detention of hundreds of women demonstrators. Large protests also took place in various districts in Khartoum state.

Kassala, Wad Madani, and El Obeid witnessed demonstrations in conjunction with the march in Omdurman.


Yesterday, doctors of the Major-General Abdelfattah Hospital in Khartoum North carried out a protest against the policies of the regime. They were seen raising banners and calling for freedoms in Sudan and the overthrowing of the regime.

The doctors said in a joint statement that all medical staff are expected to hold vigils in all hospitals in Sudan on Tuesday, according to the schedule of planned demonstrations which the Sudanese Professionals Association and other signatories to the Declaration of Freedom and Change have announced for this week.

The Associated Doctors Bureau, the Sudan Pharmacists Central Committee and the Dentists Association jointly called upon doctors in the country to be “fully committed to the vigil on Tuesday at 11am in all hospitals in Sudan, wearing their white coats, reflecting the value of unity and emotional solidarity in the love of this country”.

Their joint statement further stressed that this vigil inside the hospitals is “an expression of this great rejection of the regime’s stay and a message consistent with this goal intended to the step-down of the regime”.

Last week, doctors in Khartoum also carried out vigils in protest against the regime in Sudan, condemning the killing of protesters with live bullets and assassinating them under torture.

Radio Dabanga reported in January how the Sudanese Central Doctors’ Committee announced the withdrawal of all doctors from the military and police hospitals in the country, and from the El Amal hospitals that are owned by the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS), in protest against the killings.