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Sudan uprising: Protest marches, sit-ins unabated

Khartoum sit-in (File photo)
Khartoum sit-in (File photo)

For the third week in a row, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese are still on the streets across the country, demanding a civilian transitional government. The sit-in in front of the General Command of the Sudanese army in Khartoum which began on April 6 is ongoing. Other cities, including Port Sudan, El Damazin, El Fula, and El Gedaref witnessed the arrival of more Sudanese to participate in the protection of the revolution and to preserve its gains.

The head of the Transitional Military Council, Abdelfattah El Burhan, affirmed the Council’s determination to hand over power as soon as possible.

In an interview with Sky News Arabia, El Burhan added that the council has responded to the people’s desire for change, pointing out that a government of national competencies is the way out of the current situation.

He said, “If there is a necessity for the military council to go to the today, we will do so”, adding “our demand is like the demand of the people for the transfer of power to the people as soon as possible”.

He stressed that the council “is open to dialogue with all the people of Sudan,” adding “the dialogue is continuing on the future of the military council, which assumed the interim authority after the removal of Al Bashir”.

Regarding the fate of the figures of the former regime, including the deposed president, the head of the Interim Military Council said that the Public Prosecutor’s Office began inventory of the charges against the detainees.

El Gedaref

On Tuesday, thousands of people marched in El Gedaref to the yard of the sit-in in front of the Second Infantry Regiment raising pictures of those killed during the protests since December 2018 in the city, demanding retribution.

Demonstrators in El Gedaref told Radio Dabanga that the people marched from all the districts to the sit-in place where they raised demands of the revolution and called on the military council to hand over power to civilians as stipulated in the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

West Kordofan

On Tuesday, the forces of Freedom and Change launched a massive march in El Fula in West Kordofan.

An activist from El Fula told Radio Dabanga that the protesters removed the sign of the National Congress from the headquarters and put a new sign in the name of the children’s Hospital.

He explained that the demonstrators then went to the Secretariat of the government through the military command, where they handed a memorandum to the acting military governor running the state.

He said that the memorandum included several demands, most notably the demands of the military council to implement the demands of the forces of Freedom and Change by handing over power to a civilian government and dissolving all the bodies of empowerment of the unions, Popular Police and Popular Security in the state

Port Sudan

On Tuesday, protesters at the army headquarters in Port Sudan in eastern Sudan announced the establishment of the forces of Freedom and Change in the Red Sea state.

Journalist El Amin Sinada told Radio Dabanga that on Tuesday night the Union of Writers and Singers in the state held a meeting in the of sit-in place followed by the declaration  of the founding statement of the forces of Freedom and Change in the state and naming the representatives.

He pointed out that the forces of Freedom and Change are in the process of organising a press conference in the sit-in place to be addressed by those chosen to represent the forces in the Red Sea State on Wednesday evening.

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