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Sudan uprising: Mass response to civil disobedience campaign

Poster issued by the Sudanese Professional Association calling for an all-day civil disobedience campaign throughout the country on Wednesday.
Poster issued by the Sudanese Professional Association calling for an all-day civil disobedience campaign throughout the country on Wednesday.

On Wednesday, several sectors of employees, workers, and residents of Khartoum responded to the call of the Sudanese Professionals Association and the signatories to the Declaration of Freedom and Change for civil disobedience. Major ‘departure marches’ are planned in towns and districts of Khartoum and the states on Thursday.

Journalists and residents observed the closure of a number of companies, pharmacies and shops in response to the civil disobedience campaign. There was significantly less vehicle traffic on major roads and bridges. Work continues as usual in most government facilities, however there was a decrease in the number of service seekers.

Civil disobedience was observed at private universities. Study was completely suspended at El Ahfad University and the Jordanian College.

The most prominent companies the responded to the call for civil disobedience were Amifarma Pharmaceuticals, Vision Valley, and Siga.


In El Gedaref, more than 20 senior consultants and general practitioner physicians closed their private clinics in a commitment to civil disobedience.

Doctors at El Obeid Hospital in North Kordofan entered a strike in response to the call for the civil disobedience on Wednesday.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that yesterday the doctors of El Obeid Hospital and other medical personnel held a sit-in, this as well as a strike by some shop owners in the markets, drivers of some buses and taxis, while the government institutions did not witness any strike by the employees and workers.


In Sennar state, the security and police forces launched searches and made a large-scale inventory in the markets and public facilities of those absent from work.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that yesterday the police and security forces marched through the markets of Sennar, conducted inventory and inquired about the owners of closed shops.

The security forces carried out similar campaigns in public stations and forced the drivers to transport the passengers in a move to disrupt the civil disobedience.

The witnesses pointed out the campaigns were preceded by threats by the security forces to arrest any person absent from work.

Sudan Call

Mini Arko Minnawi, the Secretary-General of Sudan Call alliance, announced that the Paris meeting of Sudan Call Forces, which will start on Sunday, aims to support the chances of victory of the Sudanese revolution through optimal coordination with their allies in the Declaration of Freedom and Change.

He explained in a statement “The meeting is also aimed at reaching out to regional and international communities, explaining what is going on in Sudan and the demands of the Sudanese people which will promote regional and international peace and stability”.

He explained that the meeting also discusses the internal issues of the alliance and put all plans with their partners in the Declaration of Freedom and Change and all other forces that can contribute to the success of the revolution.

He added, “The establishment of new transitional and democratic arrangements for the Salvation Government requires great coordination among the opposition components in line with what the people have done over the past three months”.

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