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Sudan’s new ‘Govt of Competencies’ slated as ‘a joke’

March 14 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Sudan’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Tahir Eila (File photo)
Sudan’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Tahir Eila (File photo)

Opposition politicians, activists, and youths have described the new government announced by Sudan’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Mohamed Tahir Eila, as “a joke that will not resolve the crisis”.

They called it “a government of disasters, recycling of waste, and quotas”.

Eila’s new government includes the same faces with some replacements among 39 ministers including 21 federal minister and 18 state ministers.

They opposition voices called on the people of Sudan to continue their peaceful demonstrations until Al Bashir and his regime are totally overthrown.

Human rights

At a press conference in Khartoum following the announcement, the Secretary-General of the Popular Congress Party (PCP), Dr Ali El Haj, called on the new government to address the issues of arbitrary dismissal and corruption and to implement the outcomes of the dialogue, especially with regard to freedoms and human rights.

He also called for defining the government’s references to the outputs of the national dialogue and preventing the participants in the government from party work and future candidacy for office.

Ali El Haj predicted that the economic crisis would worsen during the months of April and May.

He attributed the lack of liquidity in the Bank of Sudan to the absence of accountability and control

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Aila announced that the formation of the new government came after a consultation that took some time for further scrutiny.

Yesterday, he explained at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Cabinet that the issues of people’s livelihood and the urgent issues affecting them will be in the priorities of his government.

He explained that the government would also work to review the general revenues, expenditures and stop the extra budgetary spending.

Aila pointed out that decisions would be issued on the dissolution of some government companies and institutions that no longer have existing roles.

He said that his government would work to care for the civil service, put the right person in the right place, raise efficiency and accountability of the failure and punish the corrupt without injustice.

He stressed the commitment of his government to move forward in implementing the outputs of the national dialogue and work hard with perseverance to achieve the aspirations of the people of Sudan.


The official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reports today that the Leadership Office of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) has affirmed its support to the new caretaker government  announced on Wednesday.

It  called on all  Sudanese people and political and national forces to support the government to effect  political and economic reform and to improve the people's living conditions.

The NCP Leadership Office stated in a meeting early this morning, which was chaired by its acting Chairman, Ahmed Haroun, that the top  priority of the new government is to complete the peace process and to press ahead in the national dialogue..

The Leadership Office has adopted the conceptual paper on future tasks and duties that determine the relationship between the government and the party.

Haroun explained that the NCP will hold discussion within its institutions and with all others forces on the same issues.

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