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Sudan uprising: Mass marches across Darfur

April 26 - 2019 DARFUR
Demonstration in El Fasher on Thursday
Demonstration in El Fasher on Thursday

On Thursday, El Fasher, Nyala, El Geneina and Zalingei in Darfur witnessed massive marches in support of the demands of the revolution, the protection of their gains and demanding the implementation of all demands of the Sudanese Professionals Association and the forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change to move the country to freedom, peace and justice.

El Ghali Bosh reported from the sit-in in front of the Pulse of Life Hospital in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, that the crowds presented a memorandum to the acting military governor of the state demanding the handover of power to civilians as provided for in the Declaration of Freedom and Change, cleansing the institution from the affiliates of the ousted regime, the opening of an investigation into the killing of protesters, and fraud operations carried out in the name of El Mawasir market in North Darfur.

South Darfur

On Thursday, Nyala in South Darfur witnessed a march to the courtyard of the sit-in in front of the roundabout of judicial authority.

Lawyer Mohamed Khalid told Radio Dabanga that the masses in Nyala demanded the military council to hand over power in accordance with the Declaration of Freedom and Change, this as well as calling on the acting military governor of the state to put the hand on all the offices of the National Congress Party and dismantle its facades in the state including the Popular Police, the Popular Security and the unions of students and women and the removal of the remnants of the administration and ministries.

Video: Marches across Darfur

Central Darfur

Zalingei and its camps for displaced people in Central Darfur, Garsila, Mukjar, Bindisi, Um Dukhun and West Jaghma witnessed demonstrations, marches and sit-ins in front of the army garrisons demanding the handover of power to a civilian government,  bringing the leaders of the former regime, the groups of corruption and perpetrators of war crimes and genocide in Darfur to trial,  responding to all the demands of the Sudanese people as stipulated in the declaration of Declaration of Freedom and Change, the professionals association and the statements at the national and state level.

The protesters in Mukjar, who have been a sit-in in front of the military garrison since Sunday, renamed the square located west of the police station into Liberty Square and so did the protesters of Bindisi.

The displaced people in the camps of Central Darfur, Khamsa Dagayeg, Hamidiya, Zalingei, Bindisi and Garsila took part in the march of the millions of civil authorities called for by the Sudanese Professionals Association and the other forces of Declaration of Freedom and Change on Thursday.

The march of the displaced people demanded toppling the government of El Burhan, handing of power to a civilian government with the competencies and honesty, this along with the arrest and bringing to justice of all figures of the deposed regime in the centre and the state.

The displaced people demanded the trial and prosecution of war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court so as not to repeat such crimes in the history of Sudan, in addition to the expulsion of new settlers from traditionally owned lands of the displaced (hawakeer), handover of hawakeer to their original owners, as well as the disarming of the various militiamen in the region, including the Rapid Support Forces, the Popular Defence Force, the Popular police and all the battalions of the ousted regime.

The displaced people also called for the immediate release of all detainees and prisoners of war from the sons and daughters of Sudan, while continuing the sit-ins and not leaving the squares unless all our demands are met so that the blood of the martyrs would not be shed in vain.

West Darfur

Hundreds of protesters are still crowding outside the army headquarters in Foro Baranga in West Darfur for the third consecutive day.

The crowds blocked the army command from each side amid chants of handing over power to civilians.

They called for trial of the regime, its figures and the perpetrators of crimes and genocide and the dissolution of the National Congress and the militias of the regime in various names.

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