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Sudan uprising: Mass action across capital and states

January 30 - 2019 SUDAN
Protest in Sudan this week
Protest in Sudan this week

The demonstrations across Sudan demanding the immediate step-down of President Al Bashir and his regime from power, which has entered its second consecutive month, have continued unabated.

On Tuesday, thousands participated in demonstrations in Khartoum, Sennar, and the Northern State that included the March for the Sudanese Martyrs and the commemoration of the 2005 Port Sudan massacre called for by the Freedom and Change forces, represented by the Sudanese Professionals Association, Sudan Call (an alliance of armed movements, civil society organisations and political parties) and the National Consensus Forces (a coalition of -leftist- political parties) and the Unionists Gathering.

Security forces fired tear gas and used batons and plastic wires to disperse demonstrations, as well as the arrest of a number of demonstrators.

Marches commemorating the people killed during the protests started in Burri, Jabra and Kalakla in Khartoum, shouting slogans calling for the overthrow of the regime and the removal of Al Bashir.

The demonstrators closed the roads with large rocks and logs. Witnesses said security forces fired tear gas, batons and plastic bars to disperse the demonstrations.


Thousands demonstrated in El Morada, El Abbasiya, El Sawra, Shagalban, Banat, and El Muhandisin in Omdurman chanting slogans calling for retribution, step-down of Al Bashir and overthrow of the regime. Protesters also called for freedom, peace and justice.

According to witnesses in Banat, security forces deployed more than 20 Land Cruisers where they fired tear gas and used batons and plastic bars to disperse the demonstration.

The marches commemorating the martyrs were launched in Shambat and Halfaya in Khartoum North condemning the killing of demonstrators and demanding the punishment of those involved in the bloodshed.

The demonstrators chanted slogans in the national anthem, chanting mockery of government threats, demanding an immediate overthrow of the regime and ousting of Al Bashir.


Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Sennar in response to the martyrs of the Sudanese revolt and the commemoration of the Port Sudan massacre called for by the forces of freedom and change. The demonstrators chanted slogans calling for freedom and dignity.

Demonstrators marched through the market of Abri in Northern State, demanding the overthrow of the regime, the removal of Al Bashir and retribution to the martyrs.

Port Sudan massacre

Hundreds of people in Port Sudan, capital of Red Sea state commemorated the 14th anniversary of the Port Sudan Massacre in 2005 in which 21 people were killed and several others were wounded.

On Tuesday, the speakers confirmed during the anniversary their full participation under the banner of the Sudanese Professionals Association to overthrow the regime and Al Bashir.

They considered the continuation of the Sudanese revolt in its seventh week as a practical response to Al Bashir’s accusations against certain parties in sparking the revolution.

The head of the Committee of the Martyrs of Port Sudan confirmed their commitment to punishment of the perpetrators of the massacre in Port Sudan.

The speakers stressed that the tireless attempts made by the regime in order to tear up the social fabric have achieved nothing.

They said that the entire Sudanese people unite under the banner of revolution.

They considered the marches of the martyrs and the commemoration of January 29 as a practical response to all attempts to tear-up the social fabric.

The speakers held the government responsible for Port Sudan massacre. They explained that they have been organising the anniversary of the trial of the regime because of the loss of confidence in the justice system in Sudan.

Abdallah Mousa, the civic leader in eastern Sudan confirmed the consensus of the Sudanese people to overthrow Al Bashir.

He gave a full account of the January 29 massacre in Port Sudan, stressing the retribution of those involved in the massacre.

During the commemoration, the audience chanted the revolt’s “Freedom, peace, justice” and “The revolution is the people’s choice”.

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