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Sudan uprising: Anti-government protests continue across the country

Poster issues by the Sudan Professionals Association promoting today's protests
Poster issues by the Sudan Professionals Association promoting today's protests

As the Sudan uprising maintains momentum, mass public anti-government demonstrations continued across Sudan on Wednesday, with more marches and demonstrations planned for Thursday.

A statement issued by the forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change pointed out that the march for the departure of the regime will begin at 1 pm, from 17 points in the capital Khartoum, all heading to the Presidential Palace in Khartoum.

Yesterday, Sudanese demonstrations continued in Khartoum, El Gezira, the White Nile state, and Sennar as the Sudan uprising enters its second month.

Central Darfur

The Central Darfur Revolutionaries Association announced carrying out of a sit-in in Zalingei on Thursday in support of the revolt, demanding the departure of Al Bashir and his regime from power.

El Gezira

El Miheiriba in El Gezira state witnessed a demonstration by students of the Bin Majah Secondary School yesterday.

White Nile

On Wednesday morning, the doctors of Rabak Hospital in White Nile state organised a silent protest condemning the killing and suppression of demonstrators.

Witnesses told Radio Dabanga that the doctors carried banners during the protest in front of Rabak Hospital, condemning the killing of Dr Babikir Abdelhamid, breaking into hospitals and killing the peaceful demonstrators.

They explained that the security services dispersed the protest using tear gas and excessive violence as doctors announced a comprehensive strike from work in the hospital.


On Wednesday, dozens of youths people in El Mazmoum in Sennar state, held a protest in the market, in solidarity with the demonstrations organised in different cities of Sudan.

A youth told Radio Dabanga that the aim of the protest is to topple the regime rather than to sabotage it as promoted by the security services. He pointed out that they raised signs that read: “The people want the regime to fall”, “Freedom, peace, justice!” and “The revolution is the choice of the people, just fall down and leave”.


On Wednesday afternoon, the residents of El Kalakla in Khartoum took part in a demonstration demanding the overthrow of the regime.

On Wednesday, dozens of engineers held a silent protest in front of the headquarters of the Sudanese Engineers Union in Khartoum in protest against the killing and arrest of demonstrators.

The security forces intervened using batons and tear gas.

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