♦ Sudan: This week’s news in brief ♦

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan’s news highlights from Darfur and Sudan

A waterfall in Jebel Marra, Central Darfur (Yousif Bilal / Unamid)

A compact weekly digest of Dabanga Sudan's news highlights from Darfur and Sudan

♦  Juba peace talks: Agreement on Darfur natural resources

April 27 – 2020 JUBA The Sudanese government and the armed movements negotiating a peace deal in Juba have agreed that Khartoum will allocate 40 per cent of the natural resources in the western region to Darfur itself.

Spokesman for the South Sudanese mediation committee Dhieu Mathok reported yesterday that the two sides made a deal on the allocation of 40 per cent of Darfur’s natural resources such as oil and minerals to Darfur in the coming 10 years.

In mid-March, it was agreed that Darfur will be one province again, and will be able to use its resources and funds without interference from Khartoum. They further consented to establish a fund for peace and sustainable development in Darfur.

Concerning the last items of power-sharing to be agreed on the appointment of civilian governors and the formation of the Parliament, Mathok explained that there are ratios proposed by the government, the Darfur rebel movements, and other stakeholders, that need to be discussed at “leadership level”.

On Thursday, the government and the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) rebel alliance reached an accord on the addition of four seats to the Sovereign Council in favour of the Darfur movements.

Mathok said that the rebel groups and the Sudanese government delegation chaired by Lt Gen Khalid Abdeen, Head of the Security Arrangements Committee, also discussed the way the security arrangements, the last file of the Darfur track, will be handled.


♦  Sudan govt seizes assets of Islamic movement leaders

April 24 – 2020 KHARTOUM Sudan’s Anti-Corruption Committee has confiscated 79 real estate properties that were illegally acquired by leading members of the country’s Islamic movement during the regime of ousted President Omar Al Bashir.

On Thursday, the committee announced that the confiscated properties in total amount to more than 36 million square metres, with a value of $1.20 billion.

Islamic movement leader Abdelbasit Hamza comes at the top of the list. He owned the Friendship Palace Hotel and surrounding areas in Khartoum, as well as land in other parts of the capital. He had the majority of shares of the Salam Rotana Hotel and the Afra Mall, and a large number of shares of the MTN Sudan telecommunication company.

The anti-fraud operations included the seizure of 24 plots of land, including 22 plots of land estimated at more than 171,000 square metres in El Jereif in Khartoum owned by El Haj Ata El Mannan, Secretary-General of the Islamic Daawa organisation.

Mohamed El Faki, Member of the Sovereign Council and Deputy Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Committee, said that the recovered funds will enhance the economic situation in the country.


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