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Sudan: Senior lawyers call out Attorney-General over extrajudicial killings

January 23 - 2019 KHARTOUM

A group of senior Sudanese lawyers have presented a memorandum to the Sudanese Attorney-General demanding that the Sudanese government, represented by the Attorney-General, take the immediate steps necessary to prevent extrajudicial killings of protesters.

The memorandum also calls on the government “to take control of the police forces, subjecting their use of force to the control of the judiciary, the prosecution and immediate arrest of any armed man who does not wear a uniform, and seizure of vehicles without number plates”.

Lawyer Nabil Adib, one of the signatories to the memorandum, told Radio Dabanga: “The memorandum came from the profession that prompts them to respect and defend the rule of law, and the compliance of rulers and the ruled to it [the rule of law]”.

He said the government has faced the protests with excessive violence and allowed the police to disperse them in such a way as to deprive citizens of their right to life, safety, and security.

Armed men

Independent, credible reports reaching Radio Dabanga from the Sudan uprising confirm that attacks on demonstrators and professionals are often carried out by armed men in plain clothes.

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