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Sudan security shoots man, arrests university professors

January 8 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Demonstration near the mosque of Wad Nubai in Sudan in January (RD)
Demonstration near the mosque of Wad Nubai in Sudan in January (RD)

The Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) wounded a man when they shot him inside a mosque in Khartoum during a protest. University professors have been detained, beaten and humilitated, one of them reported.

The demonstration in Burri El Dareisa in Khartoum took place in the streets and in the Grand Mosque. The NISS threw tear gas into the the building after people spoke through the mosque’s microphone calling on people to “join the demonstrations and victory” on Monday.

Professors detained, ‘humiliated’

Dr Mohamed Yousef, a lecturer at the University of Khartoum, said that they “were subjected to a humiliating treatment by members of the NISS” in what was the first time that professors of this university decided to participate in the anti-government protests.

Yesterday Yousef said in an interview with Radio Dabanga that they were held on Sunday in front of the university teaching staff’s club in downtown Khartoum, where they intended to hold a vigil on the University Avenue in solidarity with the youth participating in the protests.

“We wanted to then join the march leaving from Burri that would pass at noon. The security force were waiting in front of the gate of the club and immediately began to detain the first group of 15 professors. Two were beaten.”

The lecturer added that five of his colleagues were women and have also been detained. “One of them was beaten and held in a separate location.

“We were subjected to a series of insults and provocations by members of the security services during our detention. We were ordered to stand with our faces on the wall.”

Yousef said that they remained silent and did not reply to the provocations until sunset, when they were handed back their phones and items.

Meeting with education minister

He said they were invited to a meeting with the deputy director of the NISS and the Minister of Higher Education, El Sadig El Hadi El Mahdi, who apologised to them and promised to investigate the ill-treatment and beating they received.

Sunday’s march was a continuation of the nationwide protests that have continued for more than two weeks, calling on the regime of Al Bashir to step down following the endemic economic crisis that includes a hike in bread, fuel and medicine prices.

According to Interior Minister Ahmed Bilal Osman the total number of protesters arrested until this week has accumulated to 816 people, among them political party members, journalists, and doctors.

The Sudanese government reported on December 28 that 19 people had been killed. According to human rights watchdog Amnesty International on December 25, 37 people were killed in the protests’ first five days.

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