Sudan’s RSF kills, pillages in East Jebel Marra villages

Moving from South Darfur on Thursday and Friday, a force of the paramilitary RSF pillage and beat the residents of villages in East Jebel Marra. Three people are reportedly killed.

Three people were killed by a force of Sudan's paramilitary troops on Friday, and others were abducted, when the force pillaged a village in East Jebel Marra. Other villages were attacked on Thursday. Sources in the area claimed the troops were moving from South Darfur.

Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in “about 200 heavily armed vehicles” entered Dobo El Madrasa as they came from the direction of Malam in Alwehda locality, South Darfur. A witness reported that the militiamen immediately opened fire at the people who fled the scene. Three were killed on the spot: Kaltum Ibrahim Saleh (25 years old), Bahreldin Omar Yousif (35 years), and Abaker Harun Yahya (40 years). At least seven villagers were injured when beaten by the RSF troops.

They took many others to an unknown destination, including girls and boys, the witness told Radio Dabanga. A relative of one of the kidnapped boys explained that from his family, “Ismail Musa Ahmed (11 years), Ibrahim Hamid Adam (13), Abdellatif Saleh Yahya (13), Shogar Harun (14), and Mohamed Abdallah Omar (19) were taken from Wadi Karo, north of Dobo El Madrasa”.

“We don't know exactly how many people were injured or captured,” the witness said, “because all the people have fled to the surrounding valleys”. The militiamen also robbed money, livestock and other belongings from the residents during the raid.

Several villages raided

A militia pillaged Dali, Dawa, and Masalit villages in East Jebel Marra on Thursday. People in the area sustained injuries, of whom five seriously.

“They beat the people and stole their money, and about 250 heads of cattle,” a source in the area reported to Radio Dabanga. “Mariam Omar Dako, Musa Isa, Ibrahim Ismail, Adam Ishag, and Ibrahim Mohamed were seriously wounded by the militiamen.”

He said that the militiamen drove in five vehicles, mounted with a machine gun, and others rode on camels when they attacked Dali, Dawi and Masalit.

“They came from the direction of Malam in South Darfur. The militia also attacked Um Budja, Sharafa, and Arashu, assaulted the residents, and took their money.”