Displaced girl raped, ‘two men arrested’ in West Darfur

A 12-year-old displaced girl is recovering in the state capital’s hospital after five militiamen in military uniforms raped her in West Darfur. The police took two people into custody.

A displaced girl of twelve years old was raped by five men in Sirba locality, West Darfur, on Wednesday. She is in the hospital, while the police have taken two people into custody.

The coordinator of the camps for displaced people in Sirba reported the incident, that happened east of Sirba, to Radio Dabanga. He said that the militiamen wore military uniforms and that they raped the victim near Abu El Rish, in one of the valleys close to a camp.

“People found the girl bleeding on the ground in one of the valleys. She was taken to the hospital in Sirba, and then to El Geneina, for treatment.”

He added that the incident was reported to the police, and claimed that they managed to arrest two of the perpetrators.