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Sudan’s Red Sea state govt. slated for cancelling education-for-food project

October 26 - 2017 PORT SUDAN
Children in Sudan (File photo: Unamid)
Children in Sudan (File photo: Unamid)

Leaders from Eastern Sudan have sharply criticised the Red Sea state government for announcing the cancellation of food-for-education programme, however government sources cite lack of economic and educational feasibility.

Civil society leader in eastern Sudan, Abdallah Mousa, told Radio Dabanga that the cancellation of the programme is launched within the context of the conflict among the members of the ruling National Congress Party in the Red Sea state.

He stressed the importance of food-for-education programme in the poor rural areas where children are forced to work to contribute to household income.

He called for an evaluation of the programme and addressing deficiencies rather than cancellations without providing alternatives.

He pointed out that the programme began work during the term of the former Governor, Mohamed Taher Eila with the purpose is to encourage families to allow their children to continue classes for provision of food.

Cancelled all projects

He pointed out that the current Governor, Ali Hamid, has cancelled all the projects initiated by the former governor without scientific evaluation.

The Minister of Education in the Red Sea State, Awadallah Ibrahim, announced in a press statement on Wednesday the cancellation food-for-education programme on the pretext of lack of economic and educational feasibility.

He explained the students receive aid and food and do not go to the classroom for education.

On Wednesday, the Ministry of International Cooperation signed an agreement for financing of the food processing project in Kassala state between the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) and the Italian Development Agency with the amount of €2.25 million. The food processing project in Kassala state consists of three basic components, including agricultural processing, agricultural project management and microcredit.

The representative of UNIDO in Khartoum said that the project targets youth and women in Kassala state and consists of youth initiatives and establishment of food processing infrastructure in the state. 

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