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Sudan’s professors call on Al Bashir to step down

January 31 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Professors demonstrate in Khartoum
Professors demonstrate in Khartoum

Peaceful demonstrations continued to call for the immediate step-down of Al Bashir and his regime from the rule of the country. On Wednesday, hundreds of professors of the University of Khartoum organised a protest in front of the main library of the university calling for a peaceful transition and the formation of a transitional government.

Hundreds of professors of the University of Khartoum held banners introducing the university professors’ initiative for peaceful transition and condemning the suppression and killing of protesters.

The university professors praised the slogans of the revolution, explaining that they represent all segments of the Sudanese people and aim to reach the democratic system.

Professor Mustafa Idris confirmed the professors’ unlimited support of the youth in the street, praising the launching of the revolution from the states before Khartoum and launched fierce criticism on corruption, exclusion and nepotism in the government.

The professors of the university chanted slogans “Just fall, that is all” and “Peace, justice and revolution is the people’s choice”.

500 professors

On Tuesday, the preparatory committee of initiative of the University Staff of Khartoum held a press conference, during which it reviewed the details of the initiative, explaining that the initiative, signed by more than 500 university professors, came in the belief in the national role of the university and in seeking a solution that would spare bloodshed and provide security in Sudan.

Professor Montasir El Tayeb said at the press conference that the initiative aims to develop proposals for the peaceful transfer of power, pointing out that it called for the immediate commencement of the formation of structures of the Transitional Authority, through the formation of a sovereign body representing the six provinces, which is forming a transitional government for four years.

Yesterday, the students of the University of Science and Technology, owned by Mamoun Hemeida, Minister of Health of Khartoum state, carried out a vigil in support the demonstrations organised in the country.

The sit-in of students of Bahri College in Khartoum North entered its fifth day in protest of the demand to overthrow the regime. The students held a stand in front of the university building and set fire to tires, chanting slogans calling for the step-down Al Bashir condemning the killing and suppression of demonstrators.

Laboratory doctors

On Wednesday morning, laboratory technicians carried out a sit-in in front of the Emergency Department of the Omdurman Teaching Hospital and El Bugaa Hospital demanding the overthrow of the regime under the leadership of Al Bashir.

According to a statement issued by the Central Committee of Medical Laboratories, a large number of laboratory technicians, university lecturers and students took part in the sit-in, while security forces besieged the hospital building from all sides and detained many protesters during the beginning of the sit-in.

The statement said that striking staff members of the Omdurman Teaching Hospital were threatened with dismissal. The Central Committee stressed to continue the protest actions the current regime has stepped down.

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