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‘Sudan’s problems to be solved with policies, not strikes’: NCP official

December 18 - 2016 KHARTOUM
Presidential aide Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid (Suna)
Presidential aide Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid (Suna)

According to Assistant to the President Ibrahim Mahmoud the economic problems of by Sudan can be solved by increasing the production, but not by civil disobedience actions.

Addressing the Employment Festival in Khartoum North on Thursday, Mahmoud said that the government will never allow Sudan to be ruined by activists “making havoc and creating anarchy”.

He called on the Sudanese “to neglect the incitement for the chaos and anarchy that has devastated several countries like Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Somalia”.

Mahmoud attributed the economic problems in the country to the lack of production in the country. He said that the government has opted for a reform programme that encourages the development of industrial projects in the country, and indicated that the financial means for establishing such projects have “become available for all categories in the society”.

He wondered why the Sudanese call for civil disobedience actions while Khartoum state has recently assigned SDG826 million ($126 million) for the “Women for Production” project.

“Khartoum state has provided 100,000 work opportunities for women,”he said, adding that the Sudanese Presidency “is ready to support women projects in the agricultural and industrial sectors”.

The presidential aide said that before the National Salvation government (the current regime) came to power in 1089, Sudan’s GDP amounted to SDG10 billion. “Currently the GDP has risen to SDG60 billion. The improvement is reflected in many new roads, development and electricity projects that have reached Darfur.”

(Source: Sudan Vision Daily)

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