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‘Sudan’s plan to privatise ports is dangerous’

May 19 - 2016 PORT SUDAN
Port Sudan
Port Sudan

Economic expert Dr Sidgi Kaballo has called on the Sudanese people to resist the government’s intention to privatise sea ports, calling the scheme ‘dangerous’.

In an interview with Radio Dabanga, Dr Kaballo called on the population to form committees to organise demonstrations and sit-ins in conjunction with the workers of other sectors in order to stop the scheme.

He has warned of “the disastrous impact of privatisation of the ports on, for example, the Beja tribe by sending tem below the poverty line”.

Dr Kaballo pointed out that most of the workers in the ports belong to the same tribe, and depend fully on the sea ports for their livelihood. “The government plans to privatise of the seaports as a big economic mistake, as the government is suffering from a permanent deficit in economic resources.

“However, the ports are an economically sustainable resource that shouldn’t be compromised.”

Dr Kaballo also highlighted that “the ports resources are symbols that represent national sovereignty, which should not be relinquished. The current government’s sale of the property of the people is unjust, and has no legitimacy or mandate by the people.”

He refutes the government’s argument for privatisation and selling the ports because of its need for capital to modernise the ports. He the government would sell the ports to UAE-based companies.

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