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Sudan’s PCP and RF reaffirm commitment to peace processes

December 21 - 2017 BONN
Statue of Beethoven in Bonn (NRW tourism)
Statue of Beethoven in Bonn (NRW tourism)

The Popular Congress Party, led by Ali El Hajj and the Revolutionary Front led by Minni Arko Minnawi, announced the commitment to peace and political settlement based on their references to the AUHIP Roadmap for the Sudan Revolutionary Front and the outcome of the National Dialogue for the Popular Congress Party.

After two days of consultations in the former German capital Bonn, a joint statement issued by the two sides said that a delegation of the two parties met after sensing the aggravation of the Sudanese political crisis, the warning of the regional situation, the realisation of the magnitude of the suffering of the Sudanese citizen, the exacerbation of the humanitarian situation in conflict zones and the national responsibility in to strive for a peaceful and comprehensive solution to end the war.

The two parties called for ensuring the flow of humanitarian aid to those affected by conflict.

They stressed the need for the release and maintenance of fundamental freedoms in a manner that promotes confidence and credibility in the peaceful solution and comprehensive political settlement.

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