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Sudan’s Parliament door ‘closed to amendments on freedoms’

December 25 - 2016 OMDURMAN
Sudanese Houses of Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)
Sudanese Houses of Parliament in Omdurman (File photo)

The Chairperson for the Emergency Constitutional Amendments Committee in Sudan, Badria Suleiman, has closed the Parliament door for the addition of the appendix of the amendments on freedoms. Suleiman explained that those amendments should come through the President.

In an audio recording via WhatsApp, Mrs Suleiman confirmed commitment to the proposals by the Presidency which include formation of the government of national reconciliation, creation of the position of Prime Minister in the presidential system, modifying the membership of Parliament and state legislative councils, in addition to the separation of the position of the Attorney General from the Ministry of Justice.

Suleiman added that no new amendment proposals could be added; which mostly require waiting for two months after the submission according to the regulation.

She justified inclusion of those amendments for urgency for the need to form a government of national reconciliation after three months of signing the document. 

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