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‘Sudan’s inflation up to 32.9%: Central Bureau of Statistics

March 1 - 2017 KHARTOUM
File photo
File photo

The annual inflation in Sudan rose to about 32.9% in January, with the continued rise in transportation, consumer goods and services prices as announced by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

The government lifted fuel subsidies on electricity in November 2016 which led to a fuel price rise by about 30%. This reflected in the prices of transportation.

The government prohibited the recent import of meat and fish and increased customs duties on imports and other fees in order to reduce demand for the US Dollar and protect the local industry. However, those restrictions have raised inflation more severely because of the country's dependence on imported products.

The residents of Karma in the Northern state have complained about complete lack of bread in the city and surrounding villages for two weeks.

On Tuesday they told Radio Dabanga that most bakeries have been shut-down because of the scarcity of flour.

They explained that the flour crisis that has continued in the city for nearly a month has increased the peoples suffering because of the lack of bread.

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