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Sudan's Epidemiology Corporation launches anti-cholera campaign

Poster explaining how to prevent cholera
Poster explaining how to prevent cholera

According to the Sudan’s National Epidemiology Corporation, cholera is still spreading in the states of El Gedaref, Northern State Khartoum, El Gezira, White Nile, and East and South Darfur. The Corporation has launched a campaign to prevent the spread of the infectious disease among school students.

The Corporation reported on Monday that the number of people affected by cholera –which the authorities euphemistically continue to refer to as acute watery diarrhoea– increased in Khartoum state during the past two days.

The hospital of Umdawanban in the north of the state is currently treating 52 cases. In Ombadda in Omdurman, a school student fell ill with cholera.

El Gedaref state in eastern Sudan recorded an increase in cholera cases, in particular among basic school pupils.

Kosti and Tendelti in White Nile state reported 26 new patients. The number of hospitalised cases reached 37 in total the past week.

According to the report, dozens of new patients were admitted at El Tikeina hospital. New infections were also reported in Ummaghad and Wadrawa.

On Tuesday, an activist reported to Radio Dabanga from Kabkabiya in North Darfur that the town’s hospital received three new cholera cases.

“The patients came from two pastoral settlements in the area south-east of Kabkabiya,” she said. “Ten people in total are currently being treated at the hospital.”

School campaign

As the Sudanese authorities continue to ignore laboratory confirmations about cholera, and refuse to postpone the opening of the new school year in order to contain the spread of the infection, the National Epidemiological Corporation has announced an awareness raising campaign in the country’s schools.

Sarah Abdeljaleel, Media Secretary of the Sudanese Doctors' Union in the United Kingdom and Ireland told Radio Dabanga that they are supporting the Corporation’s campaign.

“The Corporation is working together with teachers' committees in all states of Sudan to raise awareness about the danger to the health of the school students. The schools will organise awareness campaigns during the roll calls in the morning, and inform teachers about how to detect cholera.

“We called upon the school administrations to develop a detailed sanitation plan. The water has to be clean, the children should regularly wash their hands, and must bring sandwiches from home instead of buying them from street vendors,” she said. “The schools must also hold regular meetings with the parents to discuss the health situation in the area.”

Abdeljaleel added that groups of teachers will post updates about the situation on social media, “in order to monitor the epidemic on a daily basis”.

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