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Sudan Revolutionary Front presents initiative to end political crisis

April 10 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Sudan Revolutionary Front flag
Sudan Revolutionary Front flag

The Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) began to present its political initiative to all concerned parties internationally, regionally, and internally, at an expanded meeting on Khartoum on Saturday, that included the United Nations represented by the Head of the UN Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS), Volker Perthes, in addition to the representatives of the African Union and the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD).

Member of the Sovereignty Council and Chairman of the SRF, El Hadi Idris, gave a comprehensive briefing to the meeting, which also included El Taher Hajar and Malik Agar.

The member of the Presidential Council of the SRF, Mustafa Tambour, affirmed, in a press statement via the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA), that Idris gave an extensive review of the latest political developments Sudan and the content of the initiative.

He described the meeting as constructive and in which the participants expressed their support to the initiative for ending the crisis in Sudan.

The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) has welcomed the call of some member organisations of the SRF and the Central Council of the FFC to review the front’s initiative to solve the political crisis, SUNA reports.

“We welcome, in principle, any dialogue initiative aimed at finding a consensual solution to the Sudanese crisis,” the official spokesman of the Freedom and Change, Mohamed Zakaria said in a press statement.

He affirmed their readiness to sit down with all parties to discuss national concerns and to meet with members of tSRF and in the struggle against the former regime.

Zakaria said that the initiative in question was produced by some parties of the SRF at their Ed Damazin meeting in March, adding that under the multiplicity and division of the SRF, the FFC calls for national consensus to give priority and to direct efforts to arrange the inner house of the SRF and to strengthen its unity as the starting point for the unity of political forces.

He said that the FFC has initiated an initiative to solve the political crisis and it was presented to the political and civil forces and it received wide acceptance at the national and international levels.

He called for directing the efforts to integrate all these initiatives into a single national one that transcends the partisan agenda to reach a broad civilian bloc that supports the democratic transition.

Two-stage dialogue

In Ed Damazin on 27 March the parties to the SRF – with the exception of the two movements non-signatory to the Darfur peace accord namely the JEM under Jibril Ibrahim, Sudan Liberation Movement under Minni Minawi – put forward an initiative to solve the crisis in Sudan. The proposed initiative contains a road map and a matrix for implementation through a two-stage dialogue.

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