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Sudan releases more detainees, but many still captive

Mohamed El Faki, Member of Sudan's Sovereign Council, is still in detention (File photo RD)
Mohamed El Faki, Member of Sudan's Sovereign Council, is still in detention (File photo RD)

Sudan has released another batch of activists, politicians, and civil society leaders, held after the October 25 coup, however several remain in detention despite the clause in the political agreement signed in Khartoum last week by Gen Abdelfattah El Burhan and Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, that stipulates the release of all political detainees.

In a joint press statement at the weekend, the Sudan Troika countries (USA, UK, Norway), welcomed the release of more political detainees, and expressed their aspiration for the release of all of those detained for their political views across the country. The Troika considers this “a necessary step to rebuild confidence and return Sudan to the path of freedom and democracy”.

The authorities released politicians Khaled Omar, Sherif Osman, Governor of Khartoum Ayman Nimir, and journalist and Sudan TV staff member Maher Abuljoukh, and others on Saturday.

Reports from Sudan indicate that Sovereignty Council member Mohamed El Faki, Minister of Industry Ibrahim El Sheikh, leading member of the Forces for Freedom and Change Jaafar Hasan, spokesperson for the Empowerment Removal Committee Wajdi Saleh, and Judge Ismail El Naj and other detainees from the Empowerment Removal Committee, Resistance Committees, and other revolutionary bodies in Khartoum, Zalingei, and El Gedaref are still being held.

The Sudanese Congress Party on Saturday reported the release of its leading member Ibrahim El Sheikh, who was Minister of Industry when the coup took place, before he was re-detained by military forces and taken to an unknown destination.

Noureldin Babikr, the official spokesperson for the Sudanese Congress Party, holds the authorities responsible for the well-being of Ibrahim El Sheikh, all political detainees and the resistance committees, and called on all the forces of the revolution to participate in the Marches of the Millions planned for November 30, called for by the resistance committees in the capital and the various states.

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