Sudan politicians and Darfur rebel leaders to meet in Togo

The remains of a camp for displaced people near El Geneina after attacks in mid-May (Ayin)


Sudanese activists, politicians, and Darfuri rebel leaders will convene a consultative meeting in Togo on Sunday and Monday to discuss an action plan to prevent the Darfur region from sliding into ‘a full-blown civil war’.

A total of 25 people will attend the meeting, including Mohamed El Taayshi and Nasreldin Abdelbari who served as member of the Sovereignty Council and minister of justice respectively during the government led by Abdallah Hamdok (2019-2021). Others will present working papers during the meeting.

Yousef Ezzat, advisor to the commander of the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), announced his participation in the meeting.

According to the text of the invitations, the conference aims to provide an opportunity for Darfur leaders to discuss the repercussions of the current war between the RSF and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) on the country, “in order to reach a unified position to prevent the effects of the war on the cohesion of the Darfur society, and to find a radical solution to the Sudanese crisis as a whole”.

Minni Minawi, governor of the Darfur region and leader of a Sudan Liberation Movement breakaway faction, returned to his offices in El Fasher, capital of North Darfur, on Thursday.

Accompanied by the Darfur regional government’s minister of agriculture and the director of social welfare at the ministry of health, Minawi had visited N’Djamena in Chad to discuss safe transport of humanitarian aid and issues related to the flow of basic commodities over the Chad-Darfur border.

Upon their return, the delegation also inspected a number of areas in Kutum, Karnoi Mellit, and Um Baro.