Sudan pharmacists accuse RSF of hindering transport of medicines

Kidney patients travelled to Kosti in White Nile state earlier this month for dialysis (SUNA)


The Sudanese Professional Pharmacists Association has accused the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) of preventing lorries transporting medicines from reaching their destinations in the country.

The pharmacists said in a statement yesterday that RSF soldiers are stopping all lorries carrying medicines provided by countries and international aid agencies destined for El Gezira and northern Sudan, where tens of thousands of Khartoum residents have fled to.

Though the lorry drivers are in possession of all documents proving the owner, and the type and destination of the medicines, the lorries are not allowed to pass.

The pharmacists warned that the medicines need proper storage.

“Preventing medicine supply from reaching the regions leads to a health disaster. It means the death sentence for a large number of patients.”

‘Preventing medicine supply from reaching the regions leads to a health disaster’

The value of medicines seized so far amounts to more than SDG100 billion, the Association stated. 

It considers the blocking of the lorries by the RSF “a violation of the Jeddah Agreement, all international covenants and norms, and the Sudanese morals”.

At least seven kidney patients with kidney failure died in Khartoum last week due to the closure of a number of dialyses centres in the city, the lack of medical aids and medicines, and continuing power outages, a nurse working in one of the dialysis centres that are still operating told Radio Dabanga.

The WFP resumed food assistance in Sudan and the European Union launched a Humanitarian Air Bridge last week to address the growing humanitarian needs

On Thursday, two Saudi aeroplanes arrived at Port Sudan International Airport in Red Sea state, each carrying 10 tonnes of food baskets, shelter materials, and medical supplies. They were the fourth and fifth Saudi aircraft transporting humanitarian aid to Sudan.