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Sudan opposition forces map-out ‘objectives of revolution’

March 6 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Emblem of the Sudanese Professionals Association
Emblem of the Sudanese Professionals Association

The forces signatory to the Declaration of Freedom and Change* in all political, professional and civil spheres have announced that they are working together to build the future and complete the objectives of the revolution in full in three stages or “bricks”.

A statement issued on Tuesday, the signatories explain that the “first brick” consisted of the development of the Declaration of Freedom and Change and transitional arrangements, while the “second brick” is the development of a transitional Constitution to govern the country.

The statement says the “third brick” consists of the details of an emergency programme to manage the country and the preparation for conferences in various parts of the country to discuss alternative policies.

The signatories said that delegates from the allied opposition forces are now working on these matters to study the details of the transitional period and to formulate scientific and practical solutions to all the crises of the country in the short and medium term.

The statement pointed out that the work of the committees of delegates is not the work of an elite behind closed doors, but is an open work for all the people of Sudan to contribute to solutions for the nation, which deserves a collective effort.

* The Declaration of Freedom and Change was signed in January by the Sudan Call, the National Consensus Forces (NCF), and the Unionist Association as an initiative of the Sudanese Professionals Association.

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