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Sudan opposition call for more protests ‘to shake the tyrant’s throne’

January 13 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Protesters in Sudan last week
Protesters in Sudan last week

The Sudanese Professionals Association, together with the Sudan Call (an alliance of armed movements, civil society organisations, the National Consensus Forces coalition of opposition parties) and the opposition Unionist Parties are stepping-up their calls for protests against the Sudanese government headed by President Omar al Bashir.

They urged the people to continue the demonstrations until the overthrow of the regime.

In a statement on Friday, they called on all Sudanese to participate in “the march for the martyrs” – those who have been killed by security forces during the demonstrations that started four weeks ago – to be held today. The march will commence at the central bus station in Khartoum and move to Khartoum North.

March of Freedom and Change

The statement also called on the Sudanese people to embark on the next “March of Freedom and Change” on Thursday, which will simultaneously take place in Khartoum and a number of other cities in order “to shake the tyrant’s throne”.

The statement lauded the strong attitude of doctors for refusing to obey the regime’s security crackdown and declaring a strike in protest against the brutal practices of the regime.

The Sudanese Professionals Association was established by groups of medics, lawyers, and members of other profressionals groups years ago to jointly protest the deteriorating situation in the country.

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