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Sudan: New revolutionary alliance establishes agenda aims

July 25 - 2022 KHARTOUM
Press conference held by the Alliance of Forces for Radical Change on 24 July (Photo: Supplied)
Press conference held by the Alliance of Forces for Radical Change on 24 July (Photo: Supplied)

A new Sudanese political entity, the Alliance of Forces for Radical Change (AFRC), launched their agenda by holding a press conference at the Sudanese Studies Centre in Khartoum on Sunday. The AFRC conference was led by the Political Secretary of the Communist Party of Sudan (CPoS), Mohamed El Khateeb, as well as having speakers from various Sudanese civil society organisations and trade unions.

The AFRC set out their programme for the transitional period, calling for an end to the military coup, their upcoming goals as a coalition of stakeholders, and their proposed governance structure.

Khateeb stated that the coup is at its weakest and that it is “impossible for the coup forces to continue in power”, adding that “differences would certainly arise” between the coup forces.

The CPoS secretary called for the continuation of revolutionary action and told revolutionary groups that the Charter of the Forces of Radical Change will remain open to all those wishing to join.

He added that the newly recognised alliance stated that the Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) will not be part of their coalition, saying that their exclusion is a result of their sympathy to a power sharing government with the military, thus adopting an approach “that caused the destruction of national resources”.

The CPoS leader said that the AFRC rejects “military interference and any partnership with it”.

His speech aimed to galvanise all social forces with an interest in change, to synchronise their independent platforms and join the AFRC in order to form a state.

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