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Sudan Liberation Movement-Second Revolution launched in Darfur

June 25 - 2014 DARFUR

A formation of new rebel movement in Darfur, the Sudan Liberation Movement-Second Revolution (SLM-SR), was officially announced on Wednesday.

The new movement, under the leadership of Abulgasim Imam El Haj, comes after more than a year of disagreements with the mother faction, the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Abdel Wahid El Nur (SLM-AW). Last month, El Haj and a group of SLM commanders formally left the SLM-AW.

The new SLM-SR leader told Radio Dabanga that the decision to leave the SLM-AW was taken after many crises within the movement. “The reformist SLM-SR was formed to provide a new vision, and alternative responses to the crises in Sudan, and to upgrade the political and intellectual performance of the rebel movement.”

“The movement is headed by a command committee, consisting of the chairman, two deputy chairmen, Abdel Latif Ismail Bargi and Salah Adam Tor, and member Mohamed Idris Adam Hassan. Abdallah Khalil was elected Head of Political Affairs, and Adam Abdallah Head of Finance and Administration. Daoud El Taher is Secretary for Information, and the SKLM-SR’s official spokesman.”

“The members of the Executive Bureau will be announced in the coming days”, El Haj added.


Abdel Wahid El Nur, the head of the SLM mother faction commented on the formation of the new movement by saying that “the reformist ideas are not new, but issued before by the SLM-AW in Tripoli, Libya.”

“I just hope that the Second Revolution will not cooperate with the ruling regime”.

The SLM leader stressed that the principles of his movement have not changed: “We are fighting for regime change in order to stop the genocide, restore the rights of the citizens in Darfur and across the country, and build a new nation”.

File photo: Abulgasim Imam El Haj

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