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Sudan fuel shortage: transport paralysed in El Gedaref, Kassala

March 13 - 2019 EL GEDAREF / KASSALA
File photo
File photo

Residents of El Gedaref have complained about the ongoing fuel crisis, saying that the shortage of diesel has paralysed life in much of the state, which is largely agricultural.

Residents told Radio Dabanga: “The diesel crisis has caused total paralysis of life, mills have stopped working, and it is increasingly difficult to move between the towns and villages of different localities.”


The residents of Kassala have reported a chronic fuel and liquidity crisis and the rising prices of essential goods.

Residents from Kassala told Radio Dabanga that they find it very difficult to get fuel, pointing out that the authorities set one day a week to supply private vehicles and commercial petrol with special cards.

They pointed out that diesel for public vehicles would only be available for public transport while private vehicles must queue in front of fuel stations.

They also pointed to the lack of liquidity in banks and that all ATMs in the state are out of service.

Fuel restrictions

On 12 February 2019, the Oil Ministry called on vehicle owners and agricultural industrial machinery owners in all Sudanese states to register their vehicles and equipment at the nearest fuel station, so as to ensure that they get the required amount of fuel. The ministry said in a press statement that this action comes in the context of the Sudanese Oil Corporation seeking to combat the smuggling of petroleum products, combating the black market exchange and enforcing the policies that guarantee everyone’s right to refuel.

The printing of new currency by the Central Bank of Sudan has been necessitated by hyperinflation, coupled with a chronic shortage of hard cash.

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