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'Cash solutions’ as schools prepare to restart in Khartoum

January 7 - 2019 KHARTOUM
Sudanese Prime Minister Motaz Mousa at a press conference (SUNA)
Sudanese Prime Minister Motaz Mousa at a press conference (SUNA)

Prime Minister, Motaz Mousa, announced on Saturday that new measures will be taken to arrange fuel distribution for various means of transport, results of which will appear from today onwards.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister said at a news conference in Khartoum that the “problem of cash will be solved at the end of February and be completed at the end of March.” He said this will be done according to the belief that money belongs to its owner.

These policies will lead to a decline in the Dollar price in the parallel market according to the minister. He also said that agreements made to solve the cash problem will show results from Monday onwards and will lead to a sharp decline in the Dollar exchange rate.

He said that the government is making an effort to be realistic about these measures which are aimed at solving current fuel and bread crises, saying that it has taken some time because the problem had be diagnosed before determining its treatment.

Meanwhile, Dr Mohamed El Zubeir, the director of the Central Bank of Sudan, announced the resolution of the liquidity crisis at the end of this month and the introduction of the first batch of new bank notes.

New bank notes have been printed inside and outside of the country. He said that the problem of the exchange rate stability will be addressed in the short, medium, and long term.

Schools resume tomorrow

The Ministry of Education of Khartoum state has announced that schools will begin running again in the state from next Tuesday, after being suspended for days following protests in the capital.

The statement, released on Saturday, says that kindergarten, basic, and secondary schools in public and private schools in the seven state localities will resume as normal. Examinations will be conducted according to the planned schedule.

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