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Sudan farmers slate PM’s explanation for failed agriculture

October 25 - 2018 EL GEZIRA
This field in El Gezira faces irrigation problems (File photo)
This field in El Gezira faces irrigation problems (File photo)

Farmers of El Gezira and El Managil Scheme have ridiculed remarks by Sudan’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Motaz Mousa alleging that the scheme’s productivity is twice as high as its design capacity.

The Farmers’ Alliance linked the deterioration to the expansion of the scheme beyond its design capacity and with the cancellation of the agricultural cycle.

El Jak Abushama, of the leadership of El Gezira and El Managil farmers’ alliance: “The PM has lied about the reasons for the deteriorating situation… The collapse of the scheme is due to the destruction of the infrastructure, the sale of its assets, the displacement of technicians, and the disbandment of important departments such as irrigation and agricultural engineering”.

He said that the government has enacted laws that would turn the scheme into a private sector and take it away from its original owners.

He held the government responsible for cancelling the agricultural cycle by dissolving the engineering management of the scheme.

He told Radio Dabanga that “the competent authorities failed to prepare early and clear the canals and water channels, which led to drought for large parts of the scheme.


The farmers of El Gash agricultural project of Kassala in eastern Sudan reported that sorghum production has been low due to water shortages during this season.

Farmers told Radio Dabanga thirst was caused by lack of early irrigating canals and cleaning of channels.

Most of the harvest in the first batch produced little sorghum and sugar cane. They said they were waiting for the second batch of harvest.

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