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Sudan doctors: 56 injured during November 8 pro-democracy demos

November 13 - 2022 KHARTOUM / OMDURMAN
March of the Millions Khartoum protest in February (Social media: Hassan Ahmed Berkia)
March of the Millions Khartoum protest in February (Social media: Hassan Ahmed Berkia)

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) announced yesterday that 56 people were injured during Tuesday’s Marches of the Millions demonstrations, including one person who was shot with a birdshot cartridge, and five cases of protesters being run over by junta vehicles.

In a report made by the CCSD, it stated that the majority of the injuries people suffered were from rubber bullets, tear gas related injuries, and various projectiles being thrown at protesters.

According to the committee, 49 people were injured in Khartoum and seven in Omdurman.

November 8 demo

Thousands of demonstrators across Sudan joined the Marches of the Millions called by the resistance committees in the country on Tuesday, to denounce the crimes against demonstrators by the ruling junta in November last year.

In the capital Khartoum, protesters set off from 10 separate muster points. The marchers were confronted with a barrage of tear gas, particularly at the Sharwani bus station near El Gasr street leading to the Republican Palace, to obstruct their progress.

One of the demonstrators was knocked down by a police vehicle, while others were injured to varying degrees.

Demonstrators in Khartoum North attempting to cross the Jereif East bridge to Khartoum were also subjected to excessive violence and tear gas by the police.

El Fateh Hussein, a member of the resistance committees in southern Khartoum told Radio Dabanga that the killing, detentions, and repression did not deter the resistance committees from opposing the coup.

Similar demonstrations took place in Wad Madani, capital of El Gezira, El Gedaref, and other cities in the states.

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