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Sudan doctors: 18 protesters injured in Aug 25 marches

August 29 - 2022 KHARTOUM

The Central Committee of Sudan Doctors reports that 18 protesters were injured during the August 25 Marches of Millions. Facebook pages of activists seem to have been infiltrated.

The committee said in a field report that it had recorded one case of injury with rubber bullets, three cases of being run over by vehicles belonging to the regular forces, 11 cases of injuries in separate parts of the body with tear gas canisters, and three cases of (blunt trauma) injuries as a result of being hit by solid objects.

Injuries treated by first aid teams in the field are not included in the report.

At least 38 protesters in Khartoum were detained on Thursday, the Emergency Lawyers said in a press statement the next day. The lawyers said they are monitoring the legal procedures at the Northern Khartoum Police Department to safeguard the procedures.

The Coordination of the Khartoum Resistance Committees has called for renewed Marches of the Millions on Wednesday, August 31.


Journalist Dalia El Tahir tweeted on Friday that each time Marches of Millions against the military junta are organised, she noticed that "you hardly find a video or news about the Marches of Millions on Facebook".

The Facebook pages of "revolutionaries" have completely disappeared. "The majority of the pages are either banned, hacked, or at the bottom of the timeline." According to El Tahir, there are "systematic campaigns on the anti-coup pages through e-room communications".

Furthermore, "the Internet is very slow and you cannot browse" on the days of the demonstrations. "Are Internet companies complicit?," she asked.

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