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Sudan doctors: 13-year-old protestor dead after shot to head

March 21 - 2022 OMDURMAN
Ahmed Abdelhadi (Social media)
Ahmed Abdelhadi (Social media)

The Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors (CCSD) announced the death of Ahmed Abdelhadi (13) after he was shot in the head by coup forces during Omdurman’s Marches of the Millions on March 17. Abdelhadi was admitted to the intensive care, where his condition continued to worsen over the following days.​

The committee condemned the continued use of excessive violence by the coup forces during demonstrations, in particular the firing of live ammunition without any concern for the safety of protestors. They also added that the coup forces should understand that “demonstrators are guaranteed their right to nonviolent resistance”, as per local and international laws and constitutions.

According to the committee, out of the 88 demonstrators who have died since the October 25 coup, 14 were young demonstrators. The committee also revealed that of the 302 cases of gunshot-related injuries, 52 of them have been children.

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