Sudan doctors: 111 injured, 39 hospitalised during January 5 demo

Tear gas at a demo in Sudan (File photo: social media / Mustafa)

The Socialist Doctors Association reports that 111 people were injured during Thursday January 5 protests against the Sudan military junta in Khartoum, 39 of whom had to be treated in a hospital. The doctors’ field report states that 30 people sustained tear gas-related injuries, as well as various projectiles being launched at protesters.

Doctors also reported that a protester was injured by a rubber bullet to the face, and four others were injured by glass projectiles shot from a tear gas launcher.

Additionally, two cases of injuries were noted as a result of being run over by the junta force vehicles.

Emergency Lawyers

Sudan’s Emergency Lawyers reported that the authorities confronted peaceful protesters during demonstrations in various places across the capital on Thursday, “with their usual repressive arsenal”.

“Government forces again violated the right to peaceful gathering”, the Emergency Lawyers said in a press statement on Friday.

The “junta forces detained 30 demonstrators,