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Sudan Dialogue members disagree on Prime Minister

September 30 - 2016 KHARTOUM
Speaker of the Sudanese Parliament, Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, meets President Al Bashir, 28 September 2016 (Suna)
Speaker of the Sudanese Parliament, Ibrahim Ahmed Omer, meets President Al Bashir, 28 September 2016 (Suna)

Members of Sudan's National Dialogue disagree on the way of selecting a Prime Minister in the upcoming government. The Secretary-General of the Dialogue predicted that the outcomes of the Dialogue, to be presented in October, will pave the way to stability and peace in the country.

According to Kamal Omar, head of the National Dialogue Contentious Issues Committee and a leading member of the opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP), told Radio Tamazuj that his committee has not yet reached an agreement on how to choose a prime minister.

The ruling National Congress Party (NCP) wants the prime minister to be chosen by the president, while the opposition group within the Dialogue prefers a selection based on “national consensus”.

The opposition leader said that they also failed to agree on the representation of political parties in the national parliament, saying the opposition group demands equal representation, but the ruling party rejects the idea.

During the closing sessions of the National Dialogue on 10 October, the contentious issues will be referred to a voting procedure, Omar said.


Dr Hashim Ali Salim, Secretary-General of the National Dialogue, expects the country will witness great development, based on the outcomes of the closing sessions of the National Dialogue in October.

While addressing a forum organised by the Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF) in Khartoum, Salim said that “Sudan is on the threshold of adopting a national document for the first time in its history. It will specify the form of governance that will pave the way for stability and peace”.

Permanent constitution

According to President Omar Al Bashir the phase after concluding the National Dialogue “will see intensive and crucial political work”.

He told a delegation of the Sudanese parliament, led by Speaker Ibrahim Ahmed Omar, that the assimilation of the final outcomes of the National Dialogue requires specific constitutional amendments which will be presented before the parliament.


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