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Sudan continues to bomb empty villages

March 4 - 2016 GOLO
After an aerial bombardment in Jebel Marra in February 2016 (RD)
After an aerial bombardment in Jebel Marra in February 2016 (RD)

A largely abandoned village in western Jebel Marra was bombed on Thursday. Two children sustained injuries and a number of houses were destroyed.

A listener told Radio Dabanga that an Antonov of the Sudanese Air Force dropped eight barrel bombs on Noni, which is 5 kilometres northwest of Golo. “It also dropped several bombs in the area of Wadi Bari and Tira,” he said.

The explosions wounded two basic school pupils on their way from Guldo to Nierteti, where they planned to sit for school exams. They have been transferred to Bouri for treatment.

Many residents have left Noni during the heavy fighting between government and rebel forces in Jebel Marra, that has lasted for more than six weeks. As a result, the 29 houses that were destroyed in the bombardment on Thursday, were abandoned.

Seven abandoned villages northwest of Golo were attacked and torched by the Sudanese Air Force and government forces respectively on Tuesday. On Wednesday morning, 13 people were killed in an aerial bombardment in the area of Jo Kosti near Golo.

The listener described the humanitarian situation of the people in west Jebel Marra as very difficult. “They keep hiding in the valleys, in fear of of aerial bombardments that last from early morning until noon.”

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