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Bread and fuel demos block Khartoum streets

40 Street in Omdurman blocked by protestors yesterday (RD correspondent)
40 Street in Omdurman blocked by protestors yesterday (RD correspondent)

Demonstrations against high bread and fuel prices and the deteriorating economic situation continued in Khartoum and other cities yesterday. The protestors also demand retribution for the protestors killed during the revolution.

Protesters blocked several areas and main roads in Khartoum and Omdurman, including El Sajana and Street 60 in Khartoum, and Street 40, El Shajara, El Azhari and Abrof in Omdurman. Police fired tear gas at protesters on Street 60.

Residents of Galaa El Nahal in El Gedaref organised a sit-in in front of the offices of the El Gedaref state government yesterday to denounce what they described as “the marginalization of the area”.

There is a steady increase of the price of bread, fuel, cooking gas, and sorghum across Sudan, accompanied by long ques in front of bakeries and petrol stations.

South Darfur and Kassala announced new prices for fuel. Cooking gas is entirely unavailable in Kassala. Long lines of cars are waiting at Kassala petrol stations.


El Sawra Road in Omdurman blocked
by bread and fuel protestors (Social media)


Sudanese Congress Party

The President of the Sudanese Congress Party, Omar El Degeir, called on the transitional government to confront the economic crises by going out and addressing the Sudanese people instead of ignoring the growing protests.

He said that the street protests took place in the context of worsening economic suffering and a deterioration of the security situation. He stressed that it is the government’s duty to solve these issues.

El Degeir advised the government to provide the people with the facts and “expand the circle of consultations” on the issue of economic reform policies.

The exchange rate for Sudanese pounds at the parallel market slightly dropped in the past few days from SDG 310 for $1 to SDG 303.*

Sudan’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported earlier this month that the inflation rate in 2020 was 163 per cent. In 2019 this was 51 per cent. The inflation rate in December 2020 was 269.33 per cent, compared to 254.34 in November.


USD 1 = SDG 55 at the time of posting, according to the daily middle US Dollar rate quoted by the CBoS. Effective foreign exchange rates however can vary widely on Sudan’s parallel market, where the greenback sold this morning for SDG 303.

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