Sudan and Niger discuss RSF ‘mercenaries’, Khartoum clashes continue

Combatants in Sudan on a vehicle mounted with a 'dushka' .50-cal machinegun (File photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID)

Sudan’s acting Foreign Affairs Minister Ali El Sadig met his Nigerien counterpart Bakary Sangaré in New York on Monday to discuss security collaboration between the two countries as clashes continued between the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) across Khartoum state.

The Sudanese FA Ministry reported yesterday that El Sadig met with Sangaré to talk about alarming reports concerning the presence of RSF ‘mercenaries’ from Niger in Sudan. These mercenaries are allegedly also engaged in acts of theft and plundering in areas occupied by the paramilitaries.

During the meeting, held on the sidelines of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly in New York, on Monday, as reported by the Sudan News Agency (SUNA), El Sadig underscored the imperative of prompt and effective action.

Sangaré, the Nigerien Foreign Minister, expressed his country’s “unwavering commitment to collaborate with the Sudanese government in recovering stolen assets”, including vehicles that may have been transported to Niger.

Clashes in the capital

Yesterday, the RSF continued their attacks on the SAF General Command in central Khartoum, for the eleventh consecutive day.

The resistance committees of Imtidad Nasir accused the RSF of forcibly entering a houses in the neighbourhood, located east of Khartoum International Airport, on Monday. They reported that the RSF “assaulted family members and robbed them of their mobile phones”.

In Jebel Aulia, southern Khartoum, military sources confirmed that the army seized vehicles belonging to the RSF.

On Tuesday, the RSF claimed via X (formerly Twitter) that they evacuated women and children of SAF personnel from Omdurman and “provided them with humanitarian assistance”.

Witnesses reported yesterday that heavy shelling continued from the Karari military base in northern Omdurman. “Several shells also fell in Shambat El Aradi in Khartoum North (Khartoum Bahri)”, one of them added.

On Monday, the Karari Resistance Committees reported casualties in El Sawra, Ombadda, and old Omdurman due to “random shelling”. They indicated that the dead were transferred to El Nau Hospital in Omdurman.

Ibrahim Abdelrahman, a resident of a neighbourhood in El Sawra, lamented the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the neighbourhoods. “All markets, except for the Sabreen Market on Shingeeti Street, remain closed.” A kiosk owner himself, Abdelrahman noted a recession in the trade due to the weak purchase power resulting from a lack of liquidity.