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Students clash in Sudan’s El Gezira Aba, hundreds evicted from dorms

April 1 - 2018 EL GEZIRA ABA
Militant student members of the National Congress Party (file photo)
Militant student members of the National Congress Party (file photo)

A student was injured and three others were detained after fighting broke out between student groups at El Imam El Mahdi University in White Nile state last week. On Friday, security officers evicted about 300 students from the university’s boarding house.

On Wednesday, clashes between militant student members of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) and other students erupted at the Faculty of Islamic Sharia and Law of El Imam El Mahdi University in El Gezira Aba.

“NCP students attacked us when we were listening to a speech of student Amir Daoud at the campus concerning the dire situation at the dorms,” a student explained on Thursday. “The fighting continued on Thursday.”

“Musa Zarroug was seriously wounded, and had to be transferred to Kosti Hospital,” he told Radio Dabanga. “Moatasim Mousa and two others were detained.”

On Thursday, the students handed a petition to the El Gezira Aba Interior Department, demanding the release of the detained students.

“Yet when we returned, we found security and police agents stationed in front of the dormitory in dozens of vehicles. They said we were evicted and prevented us from entering the buildings to take our belongings.”

Some students found refuge in another boarding house. “Others were forced to sleep outside,” the student said.

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