Students attacked inside university in Khartoum

Students who support Sudan’s ruling party storm Omdurman El Ahliya University and attack students, mainly from Darfur, inside. At least eleven of them are wounded.

Students in a discussion corner in Omdurman El Ahliya University came under attack by other students on Thursday. At least 11 students, mainly from Darfur, were injured. In addition, two students were detained by security service agents.

Hasabelnabi Mahmoud El Amin, the Secretary-General of the Darfur Students Association at Omdurman El Ahliya University, told Radio Dabanga that armed student members of the ruling National Congress Party (NCP) attacked the discussion corner, where student members of the Sudan Liberation Movement were present. “The NCP students were backed by security officers.

“They targeted the students with metal bars and machetes, and chased the Darfuri students off the university ground, even on to the streets of Omdurman.”

El Amin pointed out that the number of detained and injured students has not yet been exactly confirmed. However, he confirmed the injury of eleven students including Idris Babiker, Deputy Secretary-General of the Darfuri Students Association, Nazar Idris, and El Tom Khater. He stressed that Idris was seriously injured and detained by security agents, together with another student from Darfur named Sanaa Abdallah.

The Darfur Students Association (DSA) on Tuesday demanded the release of 28 Darfuri students still being held in detention centres of the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS) in Khartoum.