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Student detained in Nierteti, Central Darfur

August 22 - 2016 NIERTETI
Secondary school students sit for their exams in Sudan (file photo)
Secondary school students sit for their exams in Sudan (file photo)

Military intelligence officers detained a displaced student in Nierteti in Central Darfur on Saturday. Seven of the 15 displaced people who were held after their meeting with US Special Envoy Donald Booth in Nierteti at the end of July, are still in detention.

Speaking to Radio Dabanga from the Northern Nierteti camp, an activist reported that secondary school student Abakar Mohamed Idris was detained in the camp by military intelligence agents at 5 pm on Saturday.

“They took him to the military garrison of Nierteti, without disclosing the reason for their action,” he said.

US Special Envoy

Seven of the 15 displaced held by the security apparatus following their meeting with US Envoy Donald Booth during his visit to Nierteti on 27 July are still in detention. Eight were released, and two of them were banished from Nierteti for good.

The seven displaced who are still in detention are Ali Abdelaziz Adam Saleh, Adam Mohamed Ali, Nasreldin Yousef Abdelrahman, Adam Hamed Adam, Ahmed Abdallah Omar, Mohamed El Tijani Seifeldin, and Ahmed Suleiman.

The US State Department called for their release in a statement on 12 August. At the same time, Foreign Affairs Minister Ibrahim Ghandour denied the existence of political detainees. He told the press in Khartoum that he had contacted the security apparatus in Nierteti who reported that they had not detained any displaced. The Minister accused “unnamed parties” of “seeking to sabotage the envoy's visit to Darfur”.

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